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What Is a Reverse Address Lookup?

Similar to a phone number reverse lookup, running a reverse search with only an address is useful if you have fragments of information on someone. By doing so, you can obtain someone's name, relatives, and other information. Just type the address into the search box to gather as many possible details as you can.

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What Info Does a Reverse Address Lookup Deliver?

With a reverse address search, you get a full address history composed of info from public records. A standard reverse address will come back with the following details about the people living within the home:
  • Who Lives There

    Current Resident Previous Resident
  • Contact Info

    Phone Numbers Email Address
  • Owner’s Details

    Full Name Date of Birth
  • Advanced Report

    Background Check Updated Results
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What Is the Point of Address Lookups?

Address validations are a great way to learn more about who you are dealing with. There are multiple scenarios in which this is beneficial, such as:

Find Out Who Lives There

Running a search in reverse with only an address is useful if you have fragments of information on someone.

Locate Potential Homes

Gain deep insight into a wide variety of detailed info and help find the perfect new residence.

Connect with Owners

Look up any address to see who lives there and get more contact information of the homeowner.

Learn About Neighbors

Access a comprehensive list of people around and know more about the neighbors nearby.

Assess Safety

A reverse address search can let you know nearby sex offenders and county safety statistics.

Verify Ownership

A very straightforward way to verify a property owner’s identity before you make a big deal.

Reasons Why Reverse Address Search Is Necessary

Identity Homeowners

“Better than I thought! The amount of information that can be uncovered with a single street address is surprising. Now I can clearly know who lives around me by just typing in the address. ”

Lora Meyers Holland

Find Contact Info

“Words can’t express how excited I am right now! I searched for a guy’s address that I met years ago on this site and found his phone number. I made a call and we spoke again. ”

Silvia Cooley Spain

Vet New Neighbors

“This reverse address lookup tool functions very well. I was trying to figure out my new neighbors’ basic information, then I get background reports on the people that live around very quickly. ”

Nick Stout South Africa

Common Questions about Reverse Address Lookup


How Does Reverse Address Lookup Work?

Global address lookup solutions curate region-specific databases to help users access complete, accurate, and validated addresses. They collected multiple data sources and address formats to cross-check address data. With this, one can easily obtain the age, name, phone number, as well as contact information of the owner through address lookup.


Where Does Fast Lookups Get Its Address Reports Information?

As stated above, Fast Lookups uses county, state, and public records as sources for our reverse address reports. Numerous public records might be involved to search for a person’s address, for instance, public utility records, real estate records, and so on.


Is Your Address Information Up to Date?

Fast Lookups is committed to providing information that is up-to-date and accurate. However, there are times when the info from a particular source may not reflect the most comprehensive information. Regardless, we aim to offer you the most up-to-date and precise information based on the information available to us.


How Much Do I Have to Pay for an Address Report?

Although we are not able to offer our reports for free, we give you our word that we will provide our users with a fair and budget-friendly price. However, the exact price depends on the Fast Lookups subscription plan you choose. You can learn more about our pricing options by visiting our home page.

How to Use a Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address search is direct and takes very little time. Easily type in the address and Fast Lookups is good to go.